DREAM Token Economy: Fueling the NFT Renaissance.

What is DREAMonomics?

DREAMBYT3 = Sustainability. With this in mind, 100% of the marketplace fees generated are distributed to ecosystem participants. 50% to veDREAM token lockers, 25% to Collection Voting boosts and incentives, and 25% to Listing Rewards. The unique combination of revenue sharing is revolutionary in the NFT marketplace landscape, designed with sustainability in mind.

Aside from the novel staking mechanism introduced by veDREAM, DREAMBYT3 is bringing something else brand new to the NFT ecosystem, a way for liquidity providers (those listing items of a certain collection) to benefit from each sale in the collection - even if their item wasn't the one sold, and additionally, the ability for veDREAM holders to conduct a weekly incentive collection vote as to which collections (and their LPs) should receive the additional allocated proceeds of each marketplace sale. When referencing LP in this setting, it is meant to be anyone who has listed their NFT on the DREAMBYT3 marketplace contract. This unique model in essence turns DREAMBYT3 into a completely revolutionary type of protocol for the non-fungible space, because not only do DREAM stakers benefit, but now there is a way for liquidity providers to benefit also. Additionally, this creates a strong economic interest to accumulate veDREAM for all parties across the non-fungible ecosystem (individual collectors, creators, and collections/protocols) in order to cast their vote in the DREAM DAO on the distribution of marketplace collection LP fees. (As an example, take the Pudgy Penguins collection: with the new ability now enabled for veDREAM holders to vote on marketplace revenue distributions, on a collection level basis (ie, Pudgy Penguins) - it is in both the interest of the Pudgy Penguins collection at large, and as well as each individual LPer, to acquire and vote for their desired distribution of trading fees, as they will then receive additional passive income.

DREAMonomics is meant to change the narrative that exists in the NFT ecosystem today, and to prove that sustainability is feasible through the alignment of incentives. It means that when comparing the DREAMBYT3 marketplace to any existing alternative, holding veDREAM becomes a compelling proposition.

Long-term, the tokenomics are designed in such a way that it will still be the most economically beneficial for users to hold veDREAM, but now, even LPers will receive passive income from participating in the DREAMBYT3 ecosystem. (The additional fee sharing mechanisms enabled by DREAMonomics (LP fees and LP voting incentive fees - are also entirely separate from the Airdrop Seasons of DREAM, which there are set to be 3 Seasons in total, which each becoming more valuable than the one prior.)

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