Collection Voting

Incentives For NFT Collections

Read more about DREAMBYT3 Collection Incentives here: DREAMonomics

Collection voting rules and information

  • Voting will be done via Snapshot.

  • Collection weight votes will be bi-weekly, starting Thursdays at ~02:00 UTC and ending on Tuesdays 00:00 UTC.

  • Individual vlDRWVR holders may spread their votes among multiple pools in collection weight votes.

  • Each collection will have a hard cap of 50% of DreamWeaver's veDREAM assigned to it. Overflow will be distributed to other collections in proportion to their vote weight.

  • Each collection must receive at least 0.2% of the votes before weight is assigned.

  • Low volume collections will have a hard cap of 20%.

  • Collections which substantially harm the DreamWeave/DREAMBYT3 ecosystem or that have been explicitly blacklisted by community proposals will be excluded from the list of options

  • Collections can be added by DREAM DAO governance vote

What are Collection Incentives?

Much like DeFi protocols such as Balancer have gauges for stakers to vote on and receive incentives, the non-fungible ecosystem has nothing of the sort in place. Collection Voting has been introduced to solve this. Collection voting will consist of veDREAM votes made for collections to receive additional boosts in their earnings from marketplace fees, direct incentives to users who list NFTs on DREAMBYT3, and more.

Where will the incentives come from?

Remember, a 25% (1/4 of the total) of the DREAMBYT3 marketplace fees are to be directed towards collection incentives each week. This is in addition to any $DREAM incentives or other incentives that individual collections/communities would like to provide for veDREAM holders to vote for their collections.

Please note, the Collection Voting mechanism is a new innovation that DREAMBYT3 is bringing to the NFT ecosystem. As such, it will evolve in time in order to find the best means of aligning NFT user incentives to support overall ecosystem sustainability.

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