This is the DREAMBYT3 Core team. As the DREAM DAO grows, we will be looking to add new team members and contributors.

Takeshi Kovacs (Dream CEO)

Takeshi is an NFT builder, and has built on of the largest gamified airdrop seasons for users to onboard to a new NFT protocol launch in the past. He is excited to see what adding utility via staking - will create in addition to just airdrop farming for tokens. He will be helping in all facets of the DREAM DAO's growth.

0xCodex (Dream CTO)

0xCodex has over 15 years of experience as an engineer. His expertise in software development spans across many domains in web3, including web application and smart contract development. His strengths are specifically noticeable in the NFT domain. For DREAMBYT3, his focus will be on the public website and contract interactions.

Nemo (Dream CMO)

Nemo is the marketing lead at DREAMBYT3, in charge of building the brand DREAMBYT3 and leading growth for the NFT protocol. Nemo has significant promotional experience across the NFT ecosystem and top Ethereum marketplace relationships.

Fluffy (Dream COO)

Fluffy is a web3 OG with vast experience in the NFT space and a keen interest in helping NFTs gain wider adoption, and recover from the self-inflicted pain to the market caused by OpenSea and Blur. He will be leading the business development initiatives for DREAMBYT3 and showing to others that there is a sustainable way to build an NFT marketplace.

The DREAMBYT3 Team combines some of the most talented individuals from the web3 and NFT space, brought together by a shared vision for creating a sustainable NFT ecosystem.

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